A family weekend in the Chilterns

Who is looking at new houses or at least places to stay nearby as soon as lockdown no 2 is ending next week? I have already booked somewhere to stay just before Christmas – ‘sans les‘ kids. Anyway the booking is so close to Christmas that I thought we would be fine. But we had managed a family weekend in the Chilterns back in September.

If you are looking for some inspiration for places to stay in or not too far from Hertfordshire, keep reading.

Just so you know, I have a soft spot for the Stag and Huntsman, the perfect place for a family weekend in the Chilterns.

When we were out of quarantine back in September (after a month in France), I was desperate to get out. We went away as soon as we get out, on the Friday night. In my haste I booked the wrong date. Yes, I did. I realised as soon as Marc asked me for the confirmation email.

I booked the wrong day, but it was, thankfully, available for the actual day we arrived at. It felt like no bother, hey it happens all the time (it does not!). Such a relief! Breathe in, breathe out.

So once we (I) got over the drama of our arrival, and calmed down a bit (me again). We got to have allot around Oak cottage. I found out that the Stag and Huntsman was featured (and won) Four in a Bed. The cottage is really cute, and super cosy. We did not get a chance to lit the wood burner – this time.

But the real winner for me was the little courtyard with amazing views over the Chiltern Hills. I always get up first and it was so lovely to be sitting outside with a tea looking over the Chilterns, and open spaces.

I also chose the Stag and Huntsman because it is only an hour away from home – which means we can switch off our computers at 5pm and be somewhere nice at 6.30pm (by the time we packed and managed to put the kids in the car, with snacks). Many villages in the area were featured in British series – the Hambleden Church was featured in an episode involving a Belgian detective, of whom I am a big fan (Sad Cypress). And of course the Chilterns is full of incredible walks.

We went to Turville aka Dibley, out of the Vicar of Dibley – the series that saw me through lockdown no 1. I got quite a bite excited by it all. The kids did not play ball that day though. We managed to include a couple of stops in our schedule – the Chiltern Vallery winery and brewery, the Toad Hall garden centre, and eating in Frieth at the Yew Tree and go for a walk. Louise fell asleep within 5 mins.

Back home we drove, knowing this is at our doorstep and there is much more to explore. Til’ next time.

If you get to stay at the Stag and Huntsman, or visit some of the places I mentioned, do let me know!

I took these pictures on a Pentax 645m and my digital camera, my Canon 5D Mark IV.


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