The Fox and Hounds pub in Hunsdon

I met Bianca and James who run the Fox and Hounds pub in Hunsdon when Kitchen Conversations was running. I could not wait to do a shoot with them again during lockdown no 2. A lot has changed since meeting them that first time – I am not sure anyone knew what a lockdown was at the time. We are now all well aware. If you venture eastward in Hertfordshire you will get to The Fox and Hounds. You may know the name already. It is the only pub in Hertfordshire to have received the Michelin Bib Gourmand Award, 9 years running now. ‘Bib’ consideration is given to a menu, rewarding good quality and within a given price limit. It varies from country to country, depending on the cost of living.

Since I wrote my last review, the Fox and Hounds pub in Hunsdon changed a lot – as a business. Like many other pubs, but earlier than most, they transformed a section of the pub. The Fox and Hounds has now become a grocery shop for locals. You can buy ready made meals cooked by James and the team, fresh produce, cake and they also have a takeaway menu.

it is a shame that no one can go inside and sit to eat. I love the modern country living atmosphere, fireplaces, comfy chairs, quirky posters, rich colours. It is a true countryside pub, modernised, clean without losing its roots, in a pretty village. I have not had a chance to visit the village yet. However it is on my walk list as soon as ‘local’ means further away from home.

Bianca and James are so welcoming. I was pleased to be able to do a shoot there. From a selfish point of view, it is much easier when there are no clients. But equally, it is very sad to see an empty pub. The Fox and Hounds in Hunsdon will see it through the pandemic, they have everything in place for it. So, now you know where to go once this is over, and yes it is worth the drive.

To give you some colour on what the pub looks like before Covid, check out my review for Kitchen Conversations here.


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