The Good Egg Bagel Kit

When London comes to you! I am starting to miss London. When I was last in the City, I was asked to come back to the office, and I was very reluctant. A year on, 3 lockdowns later, I am ready to pick up this conversation again. The kids are not. So in the meantime I was lucky enough to get a taste of London with the Good Egg Bagel Kit. I was commissioned to do some new imagery for the latest addition to their range – the Good Egg Bagel Kit, to be delivered directly to your house.

Overhead shot of a table ready for brunch with bagels

It was also an opportunity to learn about the differences between a New York bagel and Montreal bagel. Let’s face it, I had no idea. Mainly because I think the nearest place that sells bagel around Hertfordshire is in Bushey.

Montreal bagels are doughy, denser than New York bagels. They have a harder exterior thanks to the Montreal method of boiling their bagels in honey and water before crisping them in the oven.

New York bagels also come in a massive range of flavours including garlic, bacon, onion, pumpernickel, as well as the classics like sesame and poppy seed. Montreal bagels, however, are simpler. Sesame, poppy seed, and even plain seedless bagels are all staples of a Montrealer’s bagel diet. The Good Egg bagel are full of sesame seeds.

bagels in the oven

So what is it all about?

You have a choice of 2 packs – a Salt Beef or Pastrami Salmon. We tried both, except Louise, who decided to only eat the bagel. Honestly I am not sure which one to recommend. They are very different, even in terms of texture. What you need to know is that the packs come in very generous portions, so say that your daughter decided not to have any filling, you will have plenty to make the biggest bagel you can think of.

Would you be able to recreate it on your own?

Nope or not easily. This is really down the quality ingredients you get in your pack, all sourced responsibly. The bagel has a very light texture. You open it and you know that is not your regular bagel. The salt beef has to go in the oven, and it is beautiful when it comes out. I could eat it on its own. But I really enjoy fish, which works really well for brunches.

How do you get your hands on one of those?

Just click here, add your postcode and it will tell you when you can expect your delivery. Easy. You can thank me later.

And if you are looking to incorporate new food imagery to your marketing campaigns, do not hesitate to contact me or look at my portfolio here.


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