Spring Equinox retreat at West Lexham

Last week, I had the pleasure to record the amazing nourishing retreat organised by Emma in celebration of the Spring Equinox. The retreat was a weekend long held at West Lexham in Norfolk. It was an opportunity for participants to move again after winter’s stagnant mood, and observing nature coming back to life in a beautiful setting. West Lexham is a beautiful setting for a retreat, based in North Norfolk. It is like a village created just for the enjoyment of retreats, wild swimming and time off away from the hustle and bustle of modern life. 

Of course I would not be able to talk about the retreat and show you the pictures without discussing the incredible vegan dishes prepared by Drew Knight – who you might know as the chef and co-owner of Dylans in St Albans. Some of the best vegan food I have tasted. There is no really good pictures of the dinner, and you will just have to believe that the pithivier and triffle were delicious. You just had to be there. 

Emma is organising a few more retreats in the UK and abroad, some nearer to Hertfordshire. I can highly recommend her, she was my yoga teacher for a while. I loved how much preparation and planning she put into this retreat about the experience her guests would enjoy – and even the venue she chooses. Travelling to West Lexham was a real treat, so was walking around the grounds, wild swimming (any excuse) and just connected with people. And the incredible weather of course. 

I am sure there are many things I should share about this retreat, but let’s face it if I was good with words I might not be a photographer. I hope I capture for you the happiness and connection between the guests and hopefully a lot of the fun. I am booked to shoot another retreat, and this might become my favourite thing to do. So much is happening all the time, in incredible locations. And hopefully the pictures can make you go back to that same experience whilst you are back home – thinking of the next retreat you will go onto. 

Village Hall handwritten sign on slate found at West Lexham


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