Wild Swimming in Norfolk

Any chance to take part into wild swimming in the UK, I am there. When I was preparing for the shoot of Emma’s retreat, I saw that West Lexham, in Norfolk, had a wild swim spot. People went swimming there, there were photographic proofs (in summer though). Emma had not confirmed whether a wild swimming session was part of the retreat before I left, but I took my swimming bag and hoped I could fit a swim – even on my own. As it happened, more of us were going to swim. 


Wild swimming is great – but the real experience is to better shared with people, and create a bond like no other. I met so many people through wild swimming. There is a sense that we shared something special, a real experience. There are probably other experiences, like going an island with no food for TV, but let’s face it this is not really accessible all the time – and not really my thing. So wild swimming, it is – as soon as I can. The temperatures are getting hotter now, so it is nice to actually swim, rather than go for a dip. And there is not a lot of algae, yet. Basically the ideal time to swim. 


I am going to be honest, the weather was also too incredible to miss the opportunity to go swimming. I would go swimming in all sorts of weather, but being able to come out, and not have to put your clothes on quickly is such a treat after the winter season. It felt like summer without feeling too much of the heat, or sluggish. 


Next time I go, I would love to swim along the whole river, rather than the width of it. Next time… 


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