UK TRAVEL // Steps Barn in DORSET

Ahead of this weekend, I thought you might appreciate a little glimpse into the interiors of this charming hideaway nestled within the quaint Dorset village of Cerne Abbas. Step inside and enjoy a few of moments at Steps Barn. 


This Airbnb remains is hidden along a tranquil farm lane, nestled within a serene woodland landscape, be it an overgrown one. Throughout the day, the foliage cast shadows through the windows and mirror the dance of natural light. It is a sanctuary, rejuvenating the spirit through a deep reconnection with the natural world.


Nora and James’ cottage has been lovingly restored with all the essentials for a tranquil escape. The Aga stove warms the kitchen, where vintage rugs await your feet, and a long table stands ready to host your family.

The comfort and aesthetic bears the unmistakable mark of Nora’s Nordic sensibilities. Tranquility adorns the walls, against a living tapestry of greenery. Nora’s own interior design venture, Projekti Tyyny, finds its expression in the texture, and complementing the range of artworks by local artisans. I might have even bought some of the ceramics for our own home.


We loved the vintage chairs, the patterned rugs in the kitchen (wondering if I can have the same at home) inviting convivial diners for the whole family. The ground-floor accommodates a bedroom for two, full of pastel linens, plush velvet cushions, and accents of gleaming copper. Plants, perched upon the windowsills, imbues the space with a breath of green freshness.

Comfortable to host up to five individuals (with two on the lower floor, and a double and single bed upstairs), the cottage also has a snug sofa ready to have all your family. An enchanting den awaits beneath the eaves, furnished with a tipi and cushions – ready to welcome the younger adventurers, for a little time away in their stories.


The lounge is full with a playfully vintage mid-century flair, with vivid cushions and art that adorns the walls. Each part fo the cottage has been thoughtfully curated to inspire serene enjoyment, from the lively palette to the quilted textures that invite tactile indulgence. And yet sporadic touches of neon infuse a dash of contemporary whimsy into this home away from home.


The barn is painted in soft green hues, framed by raw-edged wooden borders, with flint accents. The cobbled courtyard, is a morning delight for magazine reading.

We did not have much time in the end, but managed to pay a visit to Dorshi in Bridport (totally worth finding in a side alley off the high street) and spend a very ‘British summer” afternoon in Lyme Regis. 

We hope to be back in Dorset – although considering the journey, hopefully for more than a couple of nights, but as Saturday starts, I hope you have a great weekend! 


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