Sweet Geranium and Blackberry Cake

Have you ever heard of scented geranium cake? I had not either until I found a recipe on instagram through Erin’s account. At the same time, geranium plants were (are still) all around me. And the leaves are so fragrant. You just know this is an obvious addition to cakes. I called on my friend Alex, who runs the French Family Food instagram account  to give me some, and we were ready to bake a sweet geranium and blackberry cake recipe with Louise, adapting Erin’s. 

Blackberries cake with tea cup on rustic table
Terracotta dish with flour and lemon
White eggs

Scented geraniums are a diverse group of aromatic plants with highly fragrant leaves. Leaves have been used in recipes, aromatherapy, herbal and medicinal preparations. I adapted the recipe to use all the blackberries that Louise found int he hedgerows. She ate them all, of course. So I had to buy more at the shop. All good. 

It is a fun cake to make with little ones. So much measuring to do, so many eggs to crack (so many), whisking and then the placing of blackberries. Louise is very serious about this task. It is essential to have everything in the right place. 

Hand dropping sweet geranium leaves
Sweet Geranium leaves on wood board
Little hands for whisking white eggs
Little girl mixing batter of sweet geranium and blackberries cake
Adding blackberries to sweet geranium batter

I will copy the recipe from Erin here, and add my changes. But really I only followed her recipe quite faithfully. Erin uses nectarines, we used blackberries. I think you an probably change to any seasonal fruit – as it happens the blackberry season is finished so you might have to find an alternative. You can find other recipes here.    


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