Jolly Allotment Gutsy Gathering at Albion Nights

If you do not know I was shooting for Polly who runs the Jolly Allotment community, and her event in Norfolk, then you must have missed a lot of stories and posts on my instagram  But fear not, I have compiled a few pictures. Many actually. I had to cull down, but wanted to give a real feel of the Jolly Allotment Gutsy Gathering at Albion Nights. So here are 3 days packed into one post. 

Welcome wood sign post and road
This way wood sign post this way
Path through the woodland
Jolly Allotment blackboard
Woman using tongs to cook over open fire
Jars of colourful fermented food
festival gathering in a field with food truck
Hands cutting herbs
Woman cooking over open fire
bottles of olive oil and food in food truck
2 women waiting with water can
goat eating apple from apple tree
Albion Nights cabin nestled in the countryside
Bax botanics alcohol free drink bottles on table
woman holding tin basket full of seasonal foliage
hands dissecting a charcoaled yellow pepper
Woman holding beetroots
Jolly Allotment Goodness for Wellness jacket
hands and laces of Grenson shoes
Porridge cooked over open fire
Fresh cold pressed juices in a basket held by a woman
Women holding cups of tea gathering around fire pit
porridge served in enamel dishes
Water flowing in black and white picture
People gathering fore breakfast around the fire pit
Basket full of bottles and rustic staircase in cabin
Inside of wooden cabin
polly from Jolly Allotment next to a fire pit
red drinks in glasses on a plate
woman picking cauliflowers from street food truck
wood in wheelbarrow
cooking dish with turmeric and ginger
onions in dish with cumin and turmeric
Charcoaled peppers added to enamel food dishes
fermented food added to food dishes in enamel
rain on tent
Kombucha can on table with fire pit
woman behind steaming pot in black and white
Jolly Allotment HQ trolley
roasted cauliflower being cut
books on a side table with hat
flatlay food dishes
street food dishes
2 women waiting with water can
sound bath in tipi
Evening table setting under tent in field
Cabin in the woods with smoking open fire
Golden hour through leaves of apple tree
private signpost in gold light
Dinner by the open fire
silhouette against open fire in the night


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