UK TRAVEL // A Weekend Away in Deal, Kent

We seem to go on weekends away a lot at this time of the year. And we do, in comparison to the rest of the year – because the football and rugby seasons have ended. In September, the decision of going away is not just the cost of renting a cottage but also the cost of not attending a lot of classes we paid for. I hate it, if you pay you go. Thankfully we do not switch from football to cricket, and manage to go away a bit more often from May onwards. And every time the sea is calling me. We love going to Derbyshire, Wales, more inland, but in the summer it has to be the sea really. With temperatures currently reaching 30 degrees, posting pictures of the seaside, without being there, is the worst. You feel you could be there, but you are in your office looking at what was through a screen. 


We went near Deal on a very last minute whim. I found Spice Cottage, a Airbnb in Kingsdown ,that would host us for one night only, which hardly happens in the world of airbnb. I was so exciting, the sea was at the bottom of the private road with a pub within minutes. It was perfect for a last minute break, with not a lot of time spare. We dumped our luggage, put on our swimsuits and jumped in the sea. I did, it took the kids some convincing as it was quite cold, and Marc did not even go in! 


Although the seaside, and staying in the cottage, was a massive draw already, we wanted to explore a little more of our surroundings. After a poll on instagram, a few places were recommended. We managed to visit Walmer Castle and Gardens – which is run by English Heritage. The kids really enjoyed the tour, and how the guides kept asking for them for clues to find. Walmer Castle is full of amazing history, including being Nelson’s residence. It has beautiful gardens to walk around, with a little cafe tucked in a greenhouse. 


After lunch at Walmer Castle, we went to Deal. I have always been drawn to deal because of the instagram and pictures of the Rose . Unfortunately it had scaffolding all around it, otherwise it would have been featured. 

We had a walk around town and had a quick drink on the pier – most of the high street was shut as it was a Sunday. There were some promising shops like Tamarisk, the Hoxton store, Will and Yates, and some delis. I managed however to spend some of my money at a cute lifestyle store – Dunlin & Diver. Basically the place has potential to eat into my savings.. But we hardly got to do it. 

To make up for my lack of shopping experience (I don’t go out much guys, shopping is a rare activity for me), Marc allowed me to find the Ham Sandwich sign post that I had seen on instagram. I love a funny signpost, this made me really chuckle. It is indeed the little things. 

Have you been to Deal? Are you considering going? If you want more weekend away recommendations, check out my journal


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